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"Life is the art of drawing without an eraser."

Born in Hong Kong, Susanna 【十三妹】relocated to Singapore upon completing her studies at the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom in 1997. She harbors a profound passion for painting, coupled with a deep appreciation for essence of art and life itself. Under the tutelage of some accomplished Singaporean artists, her artistic journey flourished after her retirement. Her unwavering dedication to art ultimately propelled her to pursue her aspiration of becoming an artist. Susanna is an avid traveller who has visited numerous countries across Asia, Europe, and North America. Her extensive travels have significantly enriched the quality of her work. Each country possesses a unique local art culture, history and natural scenery, which have served as great sources of inspiration for her creative endeavours. Susanna excels in translating simple elements into meaningful and impactful artwork on canvas. Her art series primarily revolve around nature and various aspects of life. For instance, her latest series titled “I Believe I Can Fly” seeks to convey emotions, love and hope through the lens of the avian world. Susanna has been actively involved in numerous art exhibitions and art-related events since 2019. Her participation has spanned across various countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, Taiwan and France. Additionally, she is passionate about giving back to the community by actively engaging in various local and overseas charitable projects, aiming to support and uplift the less fortunate.

“I would like to paint the way a bird sings.” ~Claude Monet

Care Free ~ acrylic on canvas ~ 80x80cm
Care Free ~ acrylic on canvas ~ 80x80cm


You're So Beautiful

30x40cm ~ acrylic on canvas


50x60cm ~ ACRYLIC on canvas

Conserve Our Oceans

70x70cm ~ ACRYLIC on canvas

Shall We Dance ~ oil on canvas ~ 60x80cm [COLLECTED]

“I dream my paintings, and then they paint my dream.” ~Vincent Van Gogh
"Influenced by the rich and colorful European art culture, my works are full of vibrant colors and rich texture. "
~ Susanna Wong ~

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