Where Have All The Flowers Gone

Flower is a precious gift to this world.  They are affectionate, splendour, sweet and lovely.  Scents of flowers follow the direction of the wind and its freshness softens our heart.  The beauty of flowers changes our moods although some are protected with thorns and poisonous.  Flowers are elegant, generous and gentle.  They bloom through little cracks in the rocks and thrive through slight clefts in the buildings. They blossom in all sorts of natural environments and share its beauty among rich and poor.  If life is a flower, then love is the honey because neither can it blossom deprived of love and sunshine.  Lotus flower blossoms in muddy water but is one of the most beautiful flowers on earth.  So no matter how many ups and downs might be there in life, be like a flower flourishing to the fullest.  Life is a Flower.

Beauty in the Dark ~ Oil on canvas ~ 62x62cm ~ [Merit Award]
My Guardian ~ oil on canvas ~ 62x62cm
Alone At Last ~ Oil on canvas ~ 76x103cm ~ COLLECTED
The Other Side of the Island ~ oil on canvas ~ 80x80cm [COLLECTED]
Light of My Life ~ oil on canvas ~57x42cm
Love Will Keep Us Together ~ Oil on canvas ~ 60x70cm
Unforgettable ~ Oil on canvas ~ 62x62cm
Welcome Home ~ acrylic on canvas ~ 51x51cm [COLLECTED]
Can't Take My Eyes Off You ~ Oil on canvas ~ 60x70cm [COLLECTED]
Let There Be Love ~ Oil on canvas ~ 60x70cm [COLLECTED]
I Hear A Symphony ~ Oil on canvas ~ 76x38cm
Go Wild ~ acrylic on canvas ~51x51cm [COLLECTED]
You Raise Me Up ~ Oil on canvas ~ 60x70cm
You're So Beautiful ~ acrylic on canvas ~ 30x40cm
I will Wait for You ~ Oil on canvas ~ 30x40cm