Crossroad is a series for remembrance of simple but yet essential things related to our life.  A crossroad represents a point of decision or critical juncture in life. It can be a challenging but also an opportunity for growth and change. By embracing uncertainty and seeking guidance, we can navigate the crossroads of life and move forward in a direction that aligns with our values and aspirations.

Life is like balance beams, we need to maintain focus and balance to stay on track and avoid falling off.  We must have the strength and resilience to overcome obstacles and challenges that come our way, and the ability to adapt to changes in our environment.  By developing resilience, maintaining a growth mindset, and adapting to changes, we can weather the storms of life and continue to thrive.


Lost In Time ~ acrylic on canvas ~ 80x80cm
Those Were The Days ~ acrylic on canvas ~ 80x80cm
Old Good Days ~ acrylic on canvas ~ 80x80cm