Love Our Nature

From breathtaking views to calming moments, from colourful flowers to squawking birds, there are so many great things to enjoy all that nature for us.  Not only the fresh air and calm relaxing vibes, but the diversity and intricacy we find in nature also make us feel so good. Every creatures on earth exist for a reason and without them, our ecosystems will suffer. Start to conserve and protect our precious nature before they disappear right in front of our eyes.

River of Hope ~ Acrylic on canvas ~ 46x46cm
Rainbow of Hope ~ mixed medium on canvas ~ 46x46cm
Hope of Love & Hope of Joy ~ acrylic on canvas ~ 92x46cm ~ COLLECTED
Gift of Love ~ Oil on canvas ~ 50x60cm
Right Here Waiting ~ Oil on canvas ~ 70x70cm
Heaven Knows ~ Oil on canvas ~ 60x75cm
The Place I Left Behind ~ Oil on canvas ~ 50x60cm
You Are Not Alone ~ Oil on canvas ~ 50x60cm
Don't Forget Me ~ Oil on canvas ~ 50x60cm
Serenity ~ Oil on canvas ~ 50x60cm